Capturing the beauty of flowers over 365 days

Day 5 The Iris

This is one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother grew iris’s, yellow and purple, all along the driveway of the farm that they lived on in New Virginia, Iowa. The flowers were just beautiful, and they seemed to multiply every year. It was quite a sight when they all bloomed, like a carpet of yellow and purple. Every year on memorial day, I pluck a few iris blooms from my garden and place them on my grandmothers grave, she would have loved that I am growing them now, yellow and purple, of course.




The artist Vincent van Gogh painted several famous pictures of irises.

Irises, 1889, by Vincent van Gogh from wickipedia “iris” 9/20/18

The American artist Joseph Mason – a friend of John James Audubon – painted a precise image of what was then known as the Louisiana flag or copper iris (Iris fulva), to which Audubon subsequently added two Northern paraula birds (Parula americana) for inclusion as Plate 15 in his Birds of America.

The artist Philip Hermogenes Calderon painted an iris in his 1856 work Broken Vows; he followed the principles of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. An ancient followed the principles of the belief is that the iris serves as a warning named for the messenger of Olympus. It also conveys images of lost love and silent grief, for young girls were led into the afterlife by Iris. Broken Vows was accompanied with poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow when it was first exhibited. Broken Vows


these images and text referenced from wikipedia “Iris” 9/19/18.

Broken Vows 1856 by Philip Hermogenes Calderon 1833-1898

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