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Day 7 the Rhodys

The Rhododendron flower is grown on a shrub or bush.  There are many species of the Rhody,   the plant is far reaching, found in North American, Europe, Asia, and as far away as Australia.

I took these pictures of the Rhododendron shrub that is currently blooming in my back yard.  This bush usually only blooms once in the spring, but it seems to be confused this year and has bloomed again this fall.  I actually brought this rhody bush back from our many trips to Michigan.  I love the Rhododendron bushes that grow in Michigan, they are huge and can get up to 6 feet tall.  I love the delicate flowers, and the plant itself seems to be pretty hardy,  it has lived through 3 Iowa winters, and my care.

Here they are the Rhododendron’s.




Rhododendron facts:   The Rhododendron is the National flower of Nepal.  The rhododendron maximum is the State Flower of West Virginia, and graces the State Flag.

The rhododendron macophyllum is the State flower of the State of Washington.

I have decided to include the meaning of each flower according to the “Language of Flowers”.

The Rhododendron means Danger or Beware.

Feel free to send me pictures of some of your favorite flowers.

References;   Wikipedia “Rhododendron”  as of 9/22/2018.

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