Capturing the beauty of flowers over 365 days

Welcome to my 365 day project

Well it has been almost half a year since I began this Project.  I have had the most fun discovering and photographing flowers and plants from the Midwest.  I have of course captured quite a few of the more tropical flowers at the Des Moines Botanical Garden.  I have tried to publish some of the rare flowers, as well as the more common flowers of the area.  They have all been beautiful, and I hope that you are enjoying them.  Let me know, leave me a message if you have any questions, or have a request.  Please leave me a photo of your favorite flower.   I hope you will check in daily to get the latest flower photo, and any upcoming botanical events or flower shows in the area.

Please click on the daily flower photo to see the latest photo, and all that came before it.  thanks.



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