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I live in the Midwest, we have long cold winters, and I am eternally grateful for the wonderful Des Moines Botanical Gardens.  Here you can come out of the wind, snow, ice, and experience a tropical day.  The palm trees, the tropical plants, the humidity, and the warmth make this a wonderful place to spend the afternoon.  I have been a photographer for 3 years now, and just recently began volunteering at the Botanical gardens as a photographer.  I find this very rewarding, there are always new things to photograph, new blooms, new plants, not to mention all of the activities that happen weekly.

I live in the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines.  I work as a pharmacy technician, this is the job that helps support the photography obsession.  My wife is a pharmacist, she also works to support me and my photography obsession.  We have 2 grown children, both married and one with our 1st grandchild, who is just amazing and we love  her.

I hope you enjoy these photographs, I hope to have a variety of subjects in the future, but flowers are my passion.   Thanks.


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